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Large numbers of individuals have fallen prey to anorexia nervosa and bulemia.
specifically, could use of emaciated models in advertising create desires for body images and in turn lead to bulemia and anorexia?
The following excerpt illustrates that the poet's configurations involving relationships and women pertain not only to the question of nation and alterite but also to his prominent theme of urbanity and urban life: "This woman, who grew fat while that one lost weight to the point of bulemia, this one was fed fat by the city council, the one on Szondy Street in the sixth precinct, gorged her life full on sugar beets.
The union surveyed employees over 40 years old and counted many women suffering from bulemia, anorexia and diet-pill addiction.
In this case, deliberate purging or bingeing behaviors were not reported, so a diagnosis of bulemia nervosa was not considered.
Rosemary had developed bulemia, and it was taking over her life.
Today I'm bigger than when I had bulemia but I'm healthy and happy with my life.