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industrial city in southwestern Zimbabwe

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Sara's two-month trip to Pumula, near Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, was organised through her school which is linked to a convent in the city.
Nkosana, originally from Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, said: "My act gives the crowd something they are not used to.
John ROBINSON:Born: August 29, 1971 in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe Height: 5ft 10in Weight: 11st 2oz Wales Caps: 30 International Goals: 3 Clubs: Brighton, Charlton Athletic, Cardiff City, Gillingham
include: Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, London, England at Trafalgar Square and many others.
Moyo is a member of Black Umfolozi, an internationally known group of singers and dancers from Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.
Samson Sibanda, Department of Applied Chemistry, National University of Science and Technology, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.