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set of standards established and enforced by local government for the structural safety of buildings

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Support for government using green building standards was stronger among Democrats (88 percent), though a majority of Republicans also supported government green building standards (64 percent support versus only 28 percent opposition to any government standards).
General Services Administration (GSA) is in the process of reviewing the use of green building standards by the federal government and the U.
Chalabi added the Estidama Pearl Rating System will cause a "relatively expensive building standard per square metre", but a relatively high sustainability standard of one or two pearls can be achieved through best practice design without exceeding the standard building cost.
The scheme will go live to the public in the middle of June and customers will be able to access the Building Standards website (http://www.
Unfortunately, current green building standards give insufficient credit to the carbon savings of renovation.
Croston Bank epitomises what Fairclough stands for, excellent locations matched by high building standards and attention to detail.
California's Building Standards Commission in mid-November granted local governments limited authority to approve chlorinated PVC pipe use where acid soil and water (pH less than 6.
The California Building Standards Commission announced today the adoption of the 2013 California Building Standards Code.
10, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- M/I Homes of Charlotte is starting 2014 by helping customers save every month through M/I Homes' exclusive Whole Home Building Standards.
The building utilizes 40% less water compared to normal building standards and features a large open area with local vegetation to offer habit and promote biodiversity and also assist decrease irrigation water use.
ACA has played a critical role in the development of various emerging green building standards and codes, including the IgCC, the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), and the California Green Building Code (CALGreen).
Summary: DUBAI - A growing demand for green building material has been noted in the regional real estate industry, driven by the increasing stress on implementation of green building standards by local governments and civil authorities.
The sources said that the Directorate of BCS implementing the directives of the Chairman CDA in the light of CDA Building Standards for Fire Prevention and Life Safety 2010 and Islamabad Fire Prevention and Life Safety Regulations 2010 and has initiated the exercise in this regard.
a Manhattan-based real estate investment and development firm, was committed to ensuring that this extraordinary new skyscraper be rebuilt according to the highest levels of green building standards.
Williams claims the plan now conforms with local building standards.
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