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Properly planned and implemented, a green build-out doesn't have to cost any more than a conventional project.
In addition to retail, ACC constructed several corporate office build-outs for technology firms, such as Arbitron whose 14,000 s/f office was designed by The Switzer Group.
These projects encompassed both corporate brand and luxury build-outs.
All of this was accomplished within an aggressive, fast-track schedule to complete the build-out by a grant-specified date.
Many landlords consider these build-outs an afterthought compared to getting a lease executed.
All new tenant build-outs are mandated to be LEED certified.
This was the first increase in PON market revenue since the second quarter of 2006 when Japan, the leader in deploying PON technology, was driving growth through widespread new build-outs of this technology.
Additional build-outs on the top two floors comprise a private restaurant, screening room.
Data393 has invested more than $30 million into a fully staffed, state-of-the-art facility that helps IT managers save the high cost of hardware prices and server room build-outs.
Data393 has invested more than $30 million into a state-of-the-art facility that provides IT managers the answer to high hardware prices and server room build-outs.
Other responsibilities included tenant build-outs, staffing, training, contract negations, preventative maintenance programs, budgets and tenant relations and retention.
HanseMerkur plans to continue working closely with the Liferay team for further enhancements and feature build-outs in the coming months.
I think we will see more of this in the future--more and more development companies involved in build-outs will feel the need to take control of their building projects.
Triple play services have forged ahead in the Dutch and Belgian markets on the back of fibre and ADSL2+ network build-outs.
What this has meant for ACC Construction is a flurry of projects, with the lions' share of the work in interior build-outs, primarily in the commercial office, retail and healthcare sectors.