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Synonyms for bugbear

Synonyms for bugbear

an object of extreme dislike

Synonyms for bugbear

an imaginary monster used to frighten children

an object of dread or apprehension


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On the occasion, Heathrow also revealed the findings of fresh research on the nation's shopping bugbears - and maps the evolution of the new social media shopper.
It looks now as if the twin bugbears of modern life -- the ``health and safety'' industry and the compensation culture -- have completely taken over the modern police force, or ``service'' as they now call it.
However one of the bugbears about networking is that often you only get to meet a few people at an event, and there is often that awkward situation where you get caught in a discussion and you can't get away.
It revealed the biggest and most expensive software systems delivered the least customer satisfaction, with poor ongoing support one of the main bugbears.
A survey said he was top of the chart for failing to let people know the tracks on his shows - one of the biggest bugbears for music fans.
The 41-year-old British hotelier and presenter of Channel 5's hard-hitting series 'The Hotel Inspector' said that a baffling choice of pillows and low-quality filter coffee in rooms were also big bugbears for guests.
Voda is also equipping its stores with its hi-tech "RED BOX" which is capable of transferring contact numbers, pictures and music between phones, removing one of the biggest bugbears of switching networks.
WORKERS who shout down the phone, never offer to make tea and coffee, or bring smelly food into the office for lunch, are among the top bugbears of employees, according to a new study.
DUMPING dirty clothes next to the washing basket has topped a list of mums' bugbears.
Bosses looking for someone to blame, expecting staff to do as they are told without debate, and obstructing workers who want to contribute are among the biggest bugbears for employees.
One of her biggest bugbears, she said, was being introduced as Bertie Ahern's daughter, despite her burgeoning success as a writer.
During their previous gig there were a few bugbears, particularly the annoying, over-thetop, preacher-style yelling by Uncle John.
In fact, it's far more likely to make them think about what is happening to public money at a time when litter on the streets remains one of the biggest bugbears.
The author rails against standard modern bugbears like genetically engineered fruit and overproduced music and uses standard metaphors for corporate life, like paint-by-numbers and mask-wearing.
Nosy neighbours annoy one in two people, a survey revealed yesterday, with peeking through windows also a major bugbears.