insect repellent

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a chemical substance that repels insects

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But there I was, wearing a camouflaged T-shirt, crouching in cover; my face awash in perspiration and bug repellent, with a softly panting Labridor at my side.
Dedicated employees collected clipboards, laminate sheets, sunscreen, gas cards, water bottles, backpacks, bug repellent, hats, pens and more to help the National Wildlife Federation build response kits for oil spill volunteers.
Prevent infection by using bug repellent with plenty of the active ingredient -- many experts recommend DEET.
In the past, the careers featured have been largely creative (cartoonist, puppeteer, animator), although a few have been downright scientific (meteorologist, bug repellent chemist).
Each team also received a backpack containing ropes, a snake bite kit, bug repellent, water, a compass, binoculars and handcuffs (for the fugitive).
Choosing the best bug repellent may be especially important this year.
First you shampoo it and spray it with bug repellent to keep away carpet beetles and moths," says Joe Kulis, a taxidermist (specialist in the lifelike preservation of dead animals).
I need a recipe for a general bug repellent that I can use in my garden and on my dog.
DEET-free bug repellent contains ingredients such as citronella, neem, eucalyptus, lemon grass, lavender and tea tree essential oils to keep insects at bay.
Comforted by the fact that bags of ice and bug repellent are just a short drive downhill, Ballard said camping close to home is the perfect balance between regular living and roughing it.
I think it's the only bug repellent material that can be added to clothing," said Marc Lancy, assistant manager at McKenzie Outfitters in downtown Eugene.
I hold my nose and apply the bug repellent that Mom bought for me.
It's the one place where travellers can buy an ice cream cone or mouthwatering chicken wings, shop for Native crafts and western apparel, stock up on bait and bug repellent, or buy a fry pan large enough to cook a 30-pound lake trout for a shore lunch.
While you're feasting on food from the barbie, mosquitoes are feasting on you - unless you doused yourself with bug repellent instead of cologne.