Cenchrus ciliaris

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erect tussock-forming perennial bur grass used particularly in South Africa and Australia for pasture and forage

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7%) of the 412 observations occurred in mesquite bosques or thornscrub with retired farmlands and bufflegrass pastures constituting 23 (5.
Bufflegrass appeared to dominate a considerable portion of an adjacent privately-owned area where Zapata bladderpods were also present.
Bufflegrass (Pennisetum ciliare), a perennial bunch grass from Africa introduced as cattle feed, has been planted in rangelands in Texas, occupies more than 2 million acres in Sonora, Mexico, and is invading other desert lands in Arizona expansion to the north and into higher elevations has been limited by winter cold.
05) between species composition at burrows and random sites with American badgers selecting burrows dominated by honey mesquite and bufflegrass (Pennistum ciliare).
Summer burns following significant precipitation events in northwestern Mexico were found to increase bufflegrass (Cenchrus ciliaris) productivity (Martin-R et al.