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a solution containing a buffer

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What we learned from this survey is that even patients who can tolerate pills still want an alternative, such as a buffered solution like BINOSTO.
The buffered solution was prepared by dissolving 0.
The new MHM[TM] product is the first dual buffered solution that provides a safe and secure environment for gametes and embryos under ambient conditions because of its unique buffering capacity using both HEPES and MOPS buffers, in addition to select amino acids.
5 to 10 [micro]g/L in the WHO 96/670 reference preparation buffered solution, the fPSA/tPSA ratios for the AxSYM, E170, and IMMULITE 2000 remained within 10% of the expected ratio for the 90:10 WHO reference preparation.
BINOSTO (TM), the first and only effervescent osteoporosis medication approved by the FDA, delivers proven fracture prevention in an easy-to-swallow buffered solution.
BINOSTO, a product of Mission Pharmacal and the first and only buffered solution of alendronate for the treatment of osteoporosis, was approved in 2012 by the U.