buffer zone

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a neutral zone between two rival powers that is created in order to diminish the danger of conflict


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Because of a wide difference in velocities, the buffer region experiences turbulent eddies.
We evaluated the association between the concentration of individual herbicides detected in > 5% of homes and both crop acreage within 750 m and crop acreage within each buffer region.
Such attacks cause an inordinately large amount of data to be written, overwriting the memory immediately following the buffer region.
If there is one oversight, it is that Kaplan could have built much of his narrative around the concept of "shatter belts" Such zones represent a useful conception that is consistent with the notion of geographically pivotal states and buffer regions.
When compressive force is received from a wearer's thigh areas in the lateral direction, the reinforcing regions that are positioned to the left and right deform in a curved shape, and the buffer regions that are to the left and right are compressed.