Buffalo Bill Cody

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United States showman famous for his Wild West Show (1846-1917)

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And his second name is Cody, as in Buffalo Bill Cody, the greatest showman of all time, so I've worked out his career.
The baby's middle name is after Buffalo Bill Cody - the greatest showman of all time, Frank told Absolute Radio listeners.
Think of the buzz around town and you come close to measuring the effect on Cardiff when Buffalo Bill Cody, Annie Oakley and an assortment of Indian braves and bristling Mexican bandits rode into town.
PONY EXPRESS (S4C, 9am) Buffalo Bill Cody and Wild Bill Hickok defy saboteurs to open up an east-west route for the pioneering mail service - as well as foiling a plot to prevent California becoming part of the Union.
Dianna Fawbush took this photo of her husband, Fred, on the steps of the Nebraska home that belonged to Buffalo Bill Cody, who was Fred's great-great-uncle.
The death certificate of William Cody, who died and is buried in Chester and who claimed to be the son of legendary Wild West soldier, hunter and showman Buffalo Bill Cody, left
Music Hall historian and production manager Zhana Morris hosts the tours, ushering visitors back in time with tales of a bygone era, when Shakespearean actors and such memorable figures as Buffalo Bill Cody and the D'Oyly Carte Opera Company of Gilbert and Sullivan fame took to the Music Hall's stage.
legends Buffalo Bill Cody with Chief Sitting Bull of the Sioux; Cody visited Britain with a group of natives
Buffalo Bill Cody taught the world to see the American West, even as he invented the terms by which that West was, and in many ways still is, represented.
The "Real Cowboys Shoot Colts" poster depicting the images of Buffalo Bill Cody, Pat Garret, Billy The Kid and Wild Bill Hickok is still available, too.
Nick Meagher III, whose father started Arapahoe Bank & Trust in the Denver Tech Center years ago, now runs Wild West shows, ala the fabled western showman Buffalo Bill Cody.
Parker and the Vicious Circle''), Buffalo Bill Cody (``Wild Bill'') and Wild Bill Hickok (in a recent slate of ``Deadwood'' episodes).
The only Indians that most Europeans and Americans continue to know are those created and perpetuated by fictional stories such as that created by Buffalo Bill Cody.