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Any candidate who laughs the Osborne law for a mandatory budget surplus out of court, will be accused of having learnt nothing from the 2008 crash.
A recent Reuters dispatch showed Qatar's budget surplus in the first quarter of this financial year (April-June) at QR79bn compared with a deficit of QR24.
In the 2012 budget announcement, the Finance Ministry said it had set aside 250 billion riyals from the 2011 budget surplus to fund one of the special projects, the construction of 500,000 homes.
Kuwait's budget surplus in the first three months of its 2011-12 fiscal year reached 5.
KUWAIT: Kuwait posted a preliminary budget surplus of 8.
DOHA A SURGE in gas exports coupled with strong oil prices will allow Qatar to record a budget surplus of 10.
The Government Accountability Office (GAO) in a 78-page report to Congress said the Iraqi government had a budget surplus of more than $50 billion that it could have spent on national defense.
1 -- Provincial governments are resisting the federal government's demand to create one percent of the GDP budget surplus, as well as reduction in their current budgets by 0.
Summary: Morocco posted a budget surplus for two consecutive years, and is expected to achieve an expansion budget in 2009, the High Commissioner for Planning, Ahmed Lahlimi said.
All but one of Coventry's 119 schools have a budget surplus which means they haven't spent all the government and Coventry City Council grants they've been given for day to day running.
When he came to power, he inherited a huge budget surplus, which he squandered.
Bourland said of the crude oil price assumption: "It is still conservative and I think that the budget surplus in 2006 would be higher than the government forecast.
If the difference between your income and expenditure is a positive amount, you have a budget surplus and have money to pay towards your unsecured creditors.
The immediate fiscal fortunes of New York have improved decidedly--we expect a $2 billion budget surplus [by year end].
Many creditors believe, given Argentina's strong economic performance, the 3% budget surplus it promised the IMF should be increased.