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any accounting period of 12 months

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Large formula quoted by Article 243 of changes in these figures may the APP, in the denominator, we significantly influence the should not have total revenues, ratio, in case it is exceeded, but own revenues and subventions some urgent current tasks may (without subsidies and other not be accomplished; resources (for example from the EU) allocated for particular purposes); * limits the possibility of * introduces the method of contracting loans for calculating an operational investments, even though there surplus which causes that it is a possibility of repaying does not include expenditure on them in the next budget years interest on liabilities.
Table 2 shows anticipated funding for higher education entities in the current and budget years.
The first commercial sponsors did not enter floats until 1935, but now they budget years in advance for the expense.
This allows MPO members to pick their time to buy in the market, to match their contract terms to their budget years, and to achieve price stability with fixed prices.
Responding to the Crisis in College Opportunity" proposes short-term emergency measures and long-term priorities for governors and legislators to consider for funding higher education during the current lean budget years.
In bad budget years, the measure would be suspended.
The Czech government will be provided with financing for 100% of the payments due under the aircraft supply contract, with repayments spread over at least 15 budget years from date of contract signature.
The 20-year-old is looking forward to his one-year term in office, even as Mission and the rest of the community college district face lean budget years, soaring enrollment and the tremendous building growth fueled by the $2.