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any accounting period of 12 months

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The agency is still working out the details of the project, but is expected in the coming budget year to seek a vendor who would equip the system.
Passage of the GOP measures sets the stage for months of wrangling with the administration over a final spending plan for the budget year that begins Oct.
9 trillion in the budget year that begins on October 1, included many spending and tax proposals he has put forward before.
The workgroup also recommended that a reserve fund be established so courts and clerks have sufficient money to begin each budget year and smooth out month-to-month cash flows.
The Obama administration now forecasts that the deficit for the budget year will reach $1.
4bn and would reportedly represent the largest single fee increase suggested for the budget year beginning 1 October.
What no or low cost changes in handling and processing can be implemented before the next budget year starts?
To enhance its enforcement ability the CBA is recommending budgeting flexibility so it can access $2 million of its contingency funds during a budget year, if necessary to pursue complex enforcement cases.
By the beginning of May, FERF had raised $666,000, which represents 97 percent of its budgeted revenues from contributions (the budget year ends on June 30).
Even those law enforcement professionals concerned about the future and futures research (2) usually concentrate on the next budget year, rather than on a 5- or 10-year strategic plan for their agencies.
The legislators are planning a $2 billion budget for Florida's public universities during the coming budget year, which isn't enough to handle the growing college population, say the presidents.
1 million the first six months of this budget year.
A financial increase of 102% in 2001-02 was followed by a 350% rise for the present budget year.
In this difficult budget year, this is an increase that is noteworthy.
Positive results from one budget year will be added to the Member States' actual payments two years later, while negative results will be subtracted.