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the act of reducing budgeted expenditures

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The automatic budget cuts required under sequestration would have decimated our domestic agencies and jeopardized our military readiness.
Sheriff's officials say deeper budget cuts might prompt them to add more- serious offenses to the list of of those that now qualify for early release, including sexual assault, sex crimes against minors, sexual exploitation of a child, indecent exposure, child molestation and child abuse.
Gardner has said that a variety of other options are on the table for reducing the rest of the deficit, including selected budget cuts, using the state's rainy day fund, cutting salaries in the second year of the 1991-93 biennium, and a general tax increase.
As a result, when facing budget cuts, school districts have no choice but to lay off teachers, reduce services or call for increased taxes to fund education.
Nearly $200 million in budget cuts has forced the closure of several jails and the loss of 2,500 beds.
As Los Angeles County officials prepare to close numerous parks, nature areas and swimming pools due to budget cuts, a new audit has uncovered fiscal irregularities in the parks department, including millions of dollars unused in reserve accounts.
These days, with education budget cuts on the rise, high quality classroom teaching aids like these are very much appreciated.
com and this new partnership, we're creating an additional resource for teens to find out information about playing music - something more and more of them now don't have access to because of music education budget cuts.
In the past five years, budget cuts have cost the department six inspectors in addition to the two that will lose their jobs July 1 and satellite offices in Simi Valley and Oxnard, McPhail said.
School budget cuts are having a devastating impact on public schools," said Reg Weaver, National Education Association president.
As we discussed in our first quarter release, budget cuts are causing reduction in county based populations and recently these pressures have also affected state population levels in Texas.
While budget cuts may have forced Los Angeles Unified School District principals to keep a closer watch on some supplies, officials insist there is no district-wide shortage.
State budget cuts and higher workers' compensation and health care costs have created a gap in next year's $143 million operating budget for the district.
President Clinton has targeted several areas in agriculture for budget cuts and revenue increases.
CASTAIC - The failure of a half-cent sales tax increase that would have funded additional law enforcement services means the jail at Pitchess Detention Center - shut down three years ago because of budget cuts - will remain closed.