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tropical shrub having clusters of white or violet or yellow flowers

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One of its parents is the much-maligned Buddleja our railways and derelict sites and buildings.
One of its parents is the much-maligned Buddleja davidii which has taken over our railways and derelict sites and buildings.
Buddleja is the Horticultural Trades Association plant of the month.
Buddleja davidii, above and left, are easy going and will |draw butterflies to your garden all summer long
Abbreviations refer to plants important to the slope of the correlation: Aga = Agastache hybrid; Age = Ageratina aromatica; Bu = Buddleja davidii.
Con excepcion de Buddleja cordata, Magnolia schiedeana y Zanthoxylum hidalguense, no se tiene registro de estudios anatomicos de la madera de nueve de las especies estudiadas (Aguilar-Rodriguez et al.
ETYMOLOGY: Named from Buddleja, a generic name of the breeding host plant, B.
The armchair traveler will relish the quotes from his travel journal which introduce each chapter; the horticulturalist and gardener will be caught up in the main text, which describes the origins and hybrids of an array of perennials, including Azara, Buddleja, Clethra, Daphne, Illicium, Itea, and Sassafras.
Buddleja davidii Franchet is a perennial, semi-deciduous shmb or small multi-stemmed tree that readily establishes on disturbed sites in regions with temperate, subtropical, and tropical climates.
Native species such as birch and mountain ash attract birds and shrubs such as buddleja and lavender attract butterflies and bees.
Buddleja (butterfly bush) is not invasive in its home territory.
Actualmente se encuentra ubicada en el orden de Lamiales (Stevens, 2001, APG II, 2003) y con base en diferentes analisis cladisticos de caracteres morfologicos, anatomicos, fitoquimicos y moleculares, se circunscribe a esta familia el genero Buddleja (Struwe et al.
They include Buddleja alternifolia, Cytissus scoparius, Deutzia, Forsythia, Hydrangea x macrophylla, Philadelphus, various spiraeas, Tamarix and Weigela.
Officials have targeted only the original form of the species - Buddleja davidii - and said that there are other varieties, called "cultivars," that aren't thought to be harmful.