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of or relating to or supporting Buddhism


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Cikshasamuccaya: A Compendium of Buddhistic Teaching Compiled By Cantideva Chiefly From Earlier Mahayana-Sutras.
His major expertise was in Buddhistic studies, and having begun to focus our attention on Korea, Paul had expected to profit from courses on Buddhism.
Instead resembling the 'two truths' theories of both Nagarjuna and Shankara, this approach seems to embrace a Buddhistic or Vedantic illusionism--or mayavada--in its account of the character of reality as perceived by ordinary, non-enlightened persons--for ordinary perception is ultimately delusory, and indeed a hindrance to liberation.
He argued that to "think clearly about the cosmos in the light of contemporary information is to abandon any possibility of believing in the fantastic and capricious orthodoxies of yesterday--be they Buddhistic, Judaic, Christian, Hindoo, Mahometan, or any other brand" (Lord 301).
While he did not succeed, his government subsidized the increased visibility of Buddhism by constructing new and renovating existing religious structures throughout the country, convening the Great Sixth Buddhist Synod, sponsoring translation work and missionaries to the hill tribes and establishing the International Institute for Advanced Buddhistic Studies.
She handled the inevitable things which normally people would have complained and spoil the mood for the rest of the day in a very Buddhistic way.
It is the Buddhistic realm of the Great Void (sunyata), where, "above time," according to Vedantic philosophy, "has been placed a vessel full to overflowing.
His "translation" of this language into the terms of his own philosophical exploration sounds like this: "What the Buddha sees is not so much the celebrated Buddhistic impermanence, as the radical, constitutive relativity of everything--the universal concatenation of all things, and accordingly their mutual essential relationship, given that they perdure only in virtue of being found in the flux or becoming, or samsara.
Up-and-coming financial professionals have by no means adopted a Buddhistic disdain for crass remuneration.
In the second stanza in "Love Poem [for TuPac]," the lines "the old ones / say we don't / die we are / just passing through into another space" suggest Sanchez's fascination with the Buddhistic world view of reincarnation.
Also, in overcoming some of the ego-based "deficiencies" of earlier great modernist texts, there is in The Tablets a Buddhistic reticence, an ethical not-doing, that is both admirable and a serious limitation on Schwerner's work.
If Panichas is right that Babbitt has been wrongly portrayed by some critics as indifferent or hostile to religion and that Babbitt actually affirmed religion, though in a non-dogmatic, ecumenical form, it nevertheless seems clear that the transcendent dimension of "meditation" that he did accept was much closer to the Buddhistic Void or the impersonal One than to the Godhead of theism.
He infers Buddhistic and other hints, unconvincingly.