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a dome-shaped shrine erected by Buddhists


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According to Director Archaeology and Museums Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Dr Abdul Samad said that sculptures and heads dating 2nd to 5th Century AD have been discovered during excavation, initiated at the Bhamala ruined Buddhist Stupa.
Amid the chaotic, pollution-fuelled blast of Kathmandu are the architectural splendours of Durbar Square, the Buddhist stupa of Boudhanath and the Pashupatinath Hindu temple complex.
Furthermore, when a private citizen sought permission to erect a Buddhist stupa in the same area, he was denied.
fire department, and a large Buddhist Stupa in La Jolla, California, among others.
His new parliament building for Bhopal, the capital of the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, in the middle of the country some 400 miles south of Delhi, quite consciously takes the form of its biggest assembly chamber (the Vidhan Sabha) from the great Buddhist stupa at Sanchi, some 30 miles north-east of the city, the nearest thing ever made (at least from the outside) to Boullee's Cenotaph to Newton.
Mostly objects of Ghaznavi, Hindu Shai, Buddhist comprising ethnological, model Buddhist stupa, jewelry, fire stuff, Kohistan dresses, waiving machine, wooden handicrafts, and Musical instruments, have been displayed in the Museum.
Bhamala Stupa is a ruined Buddhist stupa and National Heritage Site near Haripur, Pakistan.
Taxila, one of the six World Heritage sites of Pakistan, is inscribed on the World Heritage List in 1980 that comprises a vast complex of archaeological heritage, the site includes a Mesolithic cave, 4 settlement sites, a number of Buddhist monasteries of various periods and Muslim Mosques of the medieval period as well as presence of the Buddhist Stupa and monasteries at Taxila from 1st to 5th Century A.
For a second, my mind went back to the Millennium Park on Delhi's ring road which houses a Buddhist Stupa.
He has ordered that a commemorative Buddhist stupa be built near the site.
Prince Charles seemed not to have a care in the world at the consecration of a Buddhist stupa in Yorkshire yesterday Picture: JOHN GILES
In 1999, the Park Service denied a third-party request to erect a Buddhist stupa near the cross.
A white dagoba , similar to the Buddhist stupa overlooks the Beihai park and its splendid lake.
Gerard Fussmann, "Symbolisms of the Buddhist Stupa," JIABS 9.
The Buddhist stupa, located in Kesaria, about 110 kilometres from Patna, is a sought after destination for tourists and pilgrims coming to the state.