Tibetan Buddhism

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a Buddhist doctrine that includes elements from India that are not Buddhist and elements of preexisting shamanism

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This article offers some new evidence on Padmasambhava, the Indian master who, according to legend, was instrumental in establishing Buddhism in Tibet.
Thus, from the beginning of Buddhism in Tibet and for well over a millenium since, the Tibetan government has been keenly involved in both religion and education.
Samdhong Rinpoche's explanation that "Since the establishment of Buddhism in Tibet through royal patronage and initiative, the unique and the famous expression chos srid zung 'brel, meaning the union of Dharma and Polity became the popular expression for describing the culture of state policy" (Tibet 34), can be considered equivalent to the second definition given by Hor gtsang 'jigs med.
Dalton's study is certainly required reading for anyone interested in the history and development of so-called tantric Buddhism in Tibet, whether we can safely or effectively speak of an Indo-Tibetan tradition or not.
As should be clear, the articles in this volume address the question of non-monastic Buddhism in Tibet from a wide variety of perspectives.
An article in the British press says that Kelsang tells his followers he believes Buddhism in Tibet is dead because of the Chinese occupation and that it has already died in India.
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