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one who has achieved a state of perfect enlightenment

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Standing Buddha is visually conceived as a wandering monk, often without any of the specific lakshanas of the Buddha being depicted.
Now Mr Senior plans to build on the reputation being established by Fat Buddha to open up takeaway outlets in villages within a 15-mile radius of the city, all serving the same choice of pan-Asian cuisine.
I told President Karzai that Thailand, as a Buddhist nation, is sorry that the Taliban destroyed the Buddha statues, and I asked for the rubble of
Hence, many sculptures of the Buddha and Buddhist subsidiary deities are recordable.
Some years later, one source says it was five years after the beginning of the Sangha, the community of Buddhist monks, and following the death of her husband, Gautami along with others requested permission from the Buddha to become a nun (bhikshuni).
A rare 14-inch copper alloy statue of a Buddha is on a visit to Birmingham for the first leg of a national tour.
My big, fat, lucky Buddha belonged to my Grandad Smart.
It was into this traumatized and devastated world I went to learn exactly how and why key monuments such as the Bamiyan Buddhas were destroyed, to discover the fate of lost treasures such as the Bactrian Gold and to find out how the people of Afghanistan have dealt with this continuing attack on their culture -- on their national identity and character.
The Hindutwa compulsion to parlay the destroyed Buddhas into its election campaign by fanning the fires of frenetic communalism is too tempting to pass--and too dangerous to ignore.
This two-story shop also carries the largest supply of Buddhas, in wood, jade or jadelike resin and one of the biggest - about 2 feet tall - is only $50.
The small wooden Buddha sits bowed, muscles rippling, with his hands covering his eyes so that he can concentrate - so that he can focus on contemplating whatever it is that Buddhas contemplate.
Embers smolder in The Honey Machine: It Works Without Thinking, an installation in which Boskovich has assembled 250 Honey Bears and miniature Buddhas and encased them in three Plexi vitrines.
In an interview with managing editor Kristin Romey, Paul Bucherer-Dietschi, director of Switzerland's Afghanistan Museum, outlines the Taliban's change in attitude toward Afghan heritage under pressure from Osama bin Laden's terrorist organization, which culminated in the calculated destruction of the 1,500-year-old colossal Bamiyan Buddhas by al-Qaeda demolition experts in March of last year.
She said, "The great Bodhisattvas and Buddhas who incarnate into this world to help living beings are not always Buddhist.
In 2006, a group of German researchers found a part of a Buddhist sutra inside the rubble of one of the two giant Buddhas.