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one who has achieved a state of perfect enlightenment

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8) He went on to record five naga-enthroned stone Buddhas in high relief from Nakhon Si Thammarat, Dong Si Maha Phot, Lopburi and Prachinburi in Thailand, and dated them to the 6th-8th centuries.
According to the Ekottarika-agama presentation, her beauty was the result "of having in previous lives made offerings to Buddhas.
Meanwhile, Miaoming, from the Beihai Zen Monastery in Qinghai province, China, wrote on his blog that he burst into tears when he saw naked Buddhas climbing over the wall
We must remember the famous sayings of the Buddha found in the Dhammapada: "You should do your work, the Buddhas only point the way.
The creation of these Buddhas are an important historical moment.
The Taliban dynamited the giant Buddhas in March 2001, deeming them idolatrous and anti-Muslim, prompting a worldwide outcry.
THE TALIBAN destroyed the Bamiyan Buddhas in Afghanistan.
Celebrated relics of Sakyamuni Buddha are installed on Lankan land, while Dutthagamanl's family itself is incorporated into a lineage of Buddhas.
In 2006, the same German group found a part of a Buddhist sutra in the rubble of the Buddhas after the destruction by Taliban.
But in July, the Chinese government issued "Reincarnation Regulations for Tibetan Living Buddhas.
It would be nice to have 10 Little Fat Buddhas over the next three years.
Mr Senior said: "It would be nice to have 10 Little Fat Buddhas over the next three years.
The fundamentalist regime considered the Buddhas idolatrous and anti-Muslim.
Highly recommended for school and community library multicultural picturebook collections, Tibetan Tales For Little Buddhas is enhanced with a glossary, a map, and a description of an authentic Tibetan chant.
Although Buddhist literature, art, and meditation practices are replete with images of Buddhas, saints, and bodhisattvas, these function as guides but, in essence, are also empty in nature.