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one who has achieved a state of perfect enlightenment

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The generally large root-zone clay content (>50%) is consistent with the Mullah (dark grey to black cracking clays), Snake (sodic grey cracking clays), and Buddah soil profiles.
Sometimes crossing the trails blazed by such explorers of the soul as Buddah, Saint Francis, and Rumi, these Openings always take their own unique turns.
It is the universal source, the oneness of all things: God, Jahweh, Allah, and the Buddah .
Wallis, Glenn, The Dhammapada: Verses on the Way--A New Translation of the Teachings of the Buddah, with a Guide to Reading the Text.
This is honest, homey advice from a civil engineer turned financial guru with information and inspiration from a diverse array of leaders from Elijah Muhammad to Buddah.
The practice of Buddhism today rests upon three foundations: the Buddah, the dharma (body of knowledge), and the sangha (community of practitioners).
Recent Reading: E-Business, Awakening the Buddah Within
Taiwan developed due to implementation of Corporate Concepts of Lord Buddah.
Our enthusiastic involvement in the Western Union Singing Telegram campaign, spearheaded by our partner Venus Brown and Stone Buddah Music, best exemplifies BMG's desire to be at the cutting edge of new business opportunities working with leaders in their industry like Western Union," said Richard Blackstone, chief creative officer, BMG North America.
Fahmy's subsequent incarceration, including in the maximum security Scorpion Prison holding many of North Africa and the Middle East's most dangerous terrorists, gave him unexpected access to key influential figures behind the current violence--including the Muslim Brotherhood's supreme guide Dr Mohamed Badie (recently sentenced to death), brother of Al Qaeda leader Ayman Al Zawahiri, veteran Jihadists who have fought the Americans in Afghanistan, destroyed the Buddah statues of Bamiyan and witnessed the training of the 9/11 attackers, as well as ISIS fighters who had returned from Syria to topple the Egyptian government.
Alessi Mandarin citrus squeezer, PS2PS28, Heal's | Alessi Mandarin citrus squeezer, PS2PS28, Heal's | Iris Bird Frame, PS14, Oliver Bonas | Iris Bird Frame, PS14, Oliver Bonas | Jasper Conran for Wedgwood Chinoiserie Green Ornamental Platter, PS85, John Lewis | Jasper Conran for Wedgwood Chinoiserie Green Ornamental Platter, PS85, John Lewis | LLB peacock sculpture, PS85, from Littlewoods com | LLB peacock sculpture, PS85, from Littlewoods com | Buddah Head, PS25, Littlewoods.
In our celebration of the 43Urban Village Community, come join us at the recently opened FUNKY BUDDAH Brewery on Oakland Park Main Street in Oakland Park Downtown “The Culinary Arts District of Broward County.
But Mr Brookes, whose submission as part of the authority's 12-week consultation on the plans was signed by representatives of six pub and club companies, including those which run The Hotspur, The Queen Victoria in Gosforth, Bijoux and the Fat Buddah restaurant, said he felt aggrieved by the council's failure to listen to the representations made by pub operators.
They also have gigs at Buddah Bar on March 8 and will play in the Revive Battle of Bands final at Huddersfield SU on March 9.
The group carried on partying at nightclub Funky Buddah before returning to the Mayfair Hotel where Lewis was seen in a clinch with pal Phreeda Sharp in the lobby.