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capital and largest city of Hungary

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Ubichem Research employs around 23 research chemists at its fast growing synthetic, analytical and scale-up/production facilities in Budapest, Hungary.
Istvan University Faculty of Veterinary Science, Budapest, Hungary; and ([dagger]) Center for Tick-borne Disease, Budapest, Hungary
County Hospital, Pecs, Hungary; ([dagger]) Johan Bela National Center for Epidemiology, Budapest, Hungary; ([double dagger]) University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna, Austria; and ([section]) Szent Istvan University, Budapest, Hungary
Then he goes to Budapest, Hungary to visit a company manufacturing lighter-weight buses for the MTA.
Budapest, Hungary -- - ATCO secures major projects worldwide
For information concerning the third competition, to be held in March 1998, contact: Roland Bokor, Andrassy it 22, Hungarian State Opera, H-1061 Budapest, Hungary.
BUDAPEST, Hungary -- A pan-European consortium of companies, universities and user groups has been created to develop an open architecture for the development, deployment and use of NFC-enabled applications in mobile handsets.
Central Veterinary Institute, Budapest, Hungary; ([dagger]) National Food Investigation Institute, Budapest, Hungary; and ([double dagger]) Szent Istvan University, Budapest, Hungary
BUDAPEST, Hungary - SINCE Jorg Haider's far right Freedom Party entered the Austrian government, Western Europe has held fast with a rejection that is surprising for both its fervor and its unity.
Under the terms of their agreement, Belden will acquire Dorfler Kabelwerk GmbH, located in Klosterneuburg, Austria and Duna Kabel Kft, located in Budapest, Hungary.
Lantos is an assistant professor in the Department of Respiratory Medicine, School of Medicine, Semmelweis University, Budapest, Hungary, where he is also head of the bronchology unit.
Szabo, Harkaly, Padi and Viola are from Budapest, Hungary, and have Hungarian passports, although they have been in the United States several years, and Holm is from Sweden, officials said.
has announced the opening of its new office in Budapest, Hungary.
Central Veterinary Institute, Budapest, Hungary; and ([dagger]) Szent Istvan University, Budapest, Hungary