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national capital and largest city of Romania in southeastern Romania

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Stancu finished first half of the 2010-2011 season with 17 goals in 18 appearances, which made him the top scorer in the Romanian league with Steaua Bucuresti.
Steaua Bucuresti coach is scheduled to hold a press conference later in the day before the visiting team holds its final training ahead of Thursday's game.
Dinamo Bucuresti (ROM) GROUP G: VfB Stuttgart (GER) PAOK Salonika (GRE) Shakhtar Donetsk (UKR) Rennes (FRA
Fenerbahce, the other Turkish team competing in UEFA Europe League, will host Steaua Bucuresti in Istanbul for their fourth game in Group H.
ROMANIA: G Brezoianu (Bordeaux-Begles); I Teodorescu (Cluj University), N Oprea, C Lupu, V Ghiol (all Dinamo Bucuresti); I Tofan (Steau Bucuresti), L Sirbu (Steau Bucuresti); D Dima (Castres), S Demci (Dinamo Bucuresti), M Socaciu (Rovigo), M Dragomir (Dinamo Bucuresti), V Nedelcu (Dinamo Bucuresti), M Bejan (Rulmentul Birlad), D Iacob (Farul Constanta), A Petrache (Dinamo Bucuresti, captain).
29-31, sector 5, Bucuresti Cod CPV 45210000-2, 45454100-5, 71322000-1, 71356200-0.
STAICOVICI, NR75, FORUM 2000 BUILDING, FAZA I, ET2 , Localitatea Bucuresti , Cod postal 050557 , Romania ,
Implementing agency : Serviciul de Telecomunicatii Speciale UM 0328 Bucuresti
Contractor address : STR Calusei nr 69 A, Sector 2, Bucuresti , Localitatea Bucuresti , Cod postal 021353 , Romania ,
Contractor address : Bld Camil Ressu, nr 26, bl A7, sc A, ap2 , Localitatea Bucuresti , Cod postal 031745 , Romania ,
Contractor address : Sos Bucuresti - Ploiesti, Nr172-176, Cladirea Platinum Business Business and Convention Center, etaj 2, cladirea B, sector 1 , Localitatea Bucuresti , Cod postal 015016 , Romania ,
Contractor address : STRADA APUSULUI 27 , Localitatea Bucuresti , Cod postal 062279 , Romania ,
6, sectorul 1, Bucuresti , Localitatea: Bucuresti , Cod postal: 010374 , Romania , Punct(e) de contact: SERVICIUL ACHIZITII PUBLICE , Tel.