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Synonyms for buckeye

the inedible nutlike seed of the horse chestnut

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tree having palmate leaves and large clusters of white to red flowers followed by brown shiny inedible seeds

a native or resident of Ohio


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After the Buckeyes took advantage of a 47-yard punt return by Santonio Holmes to set up Huston's 45-yard field goal, Smith got them even, 10-10, with a beautifully thrown 36-yard touchdown pass to Holmes, blanketed by cornerback Cedric Griffin.
Hawk made sure the Buckeyes would take a lead into the half when he sacked Young at the Ohio State 20 with seven seconds left in the second quarter.
The Buckeye is the last aircraft in the Navy with this requirement.
After the skipper's plane left the flight deck for the last time, the ship's motto was temporarily changed, if only for a day, to "The Buckeye stops here.
So officials in Ohio were understandably miffed when they learned the nation's largest Ohio buckeye (Aesculus glabra var.
I'm inside pushing the door closed with the seat of my jeans before I realize that I forgot to ask Timmy what I should do next with the buckeyes.
Produced by Dispatch Interactive, a division of The Dispatch Printing Company, Xtras and O's provides exclusive Buckeye football news and content from The Columbus Dispatch, Sports Radio 1460 The Fan, WBNS-10TV and the Ohio News Network.
Indeed, the Buckeyes can lay claim to that title, and cannot be gainsaid, now that they have a perfect (14-0) record - a claim no other NCAA Division I team in the nation can make.
By beating Pepperdine in last season's semifinals, the Buckeyes proved they were one of the nation's top teams.
Saturday, their 10-0 lead disappeared when the Buckeyes steamed for 177 yards and 21 points in the second quarter.
Both UCLA and Ohio State were one quarter away from playing for the national title last year: for the Bruins, the fourth in Miami; for the Buckeyes, the fourth against Michigan State.
It figures it took two transfers to do it, two people with no connections to Ohio State's troubled past: O'Brien, who joined the Buckeyes after a tumultuous tenure at Boston College; and Penn, the former Eagles star who followed O'Brien, sat out last season and recently was named Big Ten Player of the Year.
The Buckeyes broke it open early in the second half with a 15-6 surge.
Most yards rushing in a season: Once, Griffin's '74, '73 and '75 outputs ranked first, second and third in Buckeyes history.
The season isn't going to be complete or have a climax without finishing with a victory over Michigan,'' Buckeyes defensive end Mike Vrabel said.
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