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In the Buckeye State, Pastor Rod Parsley of Columbus leads the Ohio Restoration Project.
Dawn is originally from the Buckeye state and attended The Ohio State University where she majored in Agricultural Economics/ Agricultural Communications.
His support of practical policies that decrease wasteful spending, keep taxes low and foster job creation has been critical to America's manufacturing sector and small businesses in the Buckeye State and around the country.
5 billion with suppliers in the Buckeye State, up from $9.
One activity taking place is that The Rotary Club of West Chester is sponsoring the Buckeye State BBQ Festival.
Democrats, not just the Obama campaign, but reputable Democratic pollsters, said that their polling in places like the Buckeye State is gives Obama a lead similar to what the public polls are showing.
Then Patrick meets up with NAW contributor Mike Rex to sample more late, great smokepole action in the Buckeye State.
Parsley helped spearhead efforts to energize Buckeye State evangelical clergy in advance of a vote in November on a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage.
With eight stores currently located in Ohio, this deal will effectively double the national barbecue chain's footprint in The Buckeye State.
com)-- Motorcyclists from the Buckeye State banded together for children fighting brain tumors at the 24th Marysville Ride for Kids over the weekend.
A Guide to Geologic Sites in the Buckeye State is a wonderful blend of educational resource and travel guide for all ages.
Brimming with anticipation, I was only two hours into the drive to the Buckeye State when I hammered a spike buck on the interstate with my Dodge truck, resulting in a busted radiator.
Trash talking, but we're still talking," Stanford joked when asked if Washington forgave him for leaving the Buckeye State to play for the Ducks.
2 non-typical of all time, the Buckeye State is legendary for its huge whitetails.
On Wednesday, the Buckeye State became the latest to tackle the issue, deciding to ban Internet cafes in Ohio by a vote of 27-6.
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