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Description of new species of Phos and Nassarius from south-eastern Africa (Mollusca: Gastropoda: Buccinidae, Nassariidae).
with an appendix: Genera of Buccinidae Pisaniinae related to Colubraria Schumacher, 1817.
Descriptions of new mollusks from Reunion Island, II: Cerithidae (sic), Lamellariidae, Buccinidae, Mitridae, and Veneridae.
The activity against fewer biofilm bacteria observed in Cronia margariticola and in other gastropod egg masses of Cassidae, Conidae, Cypraeidae, Alplysidae, and Buccinidae in the present study could be influenced by their stage of development.
Buccinidae Cantharus wrightae (Cernohorsky, 1974) 36.