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Synonyms for buccaneer


Synonyms for buccaneer

someone who robs at sea or plunders the land from the sea without having a commission from any sovereign nation

live like a buccaneer

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Beneath the chevalier's room there lived a paralytic, Madame Lardot's grandfather, an old buccaneer named Grevin, who had served under Admiral Simeuse in India, and was now stone-deaf.
For my part, I incline to the latter opinion, and make no doubt that great sums lie buried, both there and in other parts of this island and its neighborhood, ever since the times of the buccaneers and the Dutch colonists; and I would earnestly recommend the search after them to such of my fellow citizens as are not engaged in any other speculations.
They cast a fearful glance at the spot where the buccaneer had disappeared, almost expecting to see him sailing on his chest in the cool moonshine.
Several days elapsed before Wolfert could summon courage enough to prosecute the enterprise, so much had he been dismayed by the apparition, whether living or dead, of the grisly buccaneer.
Wolfert felt a chill pass over him as they passed the point where the buccaneer had disappeared.
by the expiring light of the fire he beheld, just over the disk of the rock, what appeared to be the grim visage of the drowned buccaneer, grinning hideously down upon him.
There was snarling and growling as of a cur, mingled with curses, in which Wolfert fancied he could recognize the voice of the buccaneer.
He could not be mistaken; it must be the buccaneer.
I must not omit to mention another report, also, which I confess is rather apocryphal, of the buccaneer who is supposed to have been drowned, being seen before daybreak, with a lantern in his hand, seated astride of his great sea chest, and sailing through Hell Gate, which just then began to roar and bellow with redoubled fury.
Probably nothing else in the world could so soon have transformed Scarlett Trent from the Gold Coast buccaneer to the law-abiding tenant of a Surrey villa.
They'll think you are raiding on your own in proper buccaneer style.
My youthful modesty scarcely let me dare believe that the hardened old buccaneer was even more drunk.
I got him soon loaded with the small cargo I sent them; and one of our seamen, that had been on shore with me there, offered to go with the sloop and settle there, upon my letter to the governor Spaniard to allot him a sufficient quantity of land for a plantation, and on my giving him some clothes and tools for his planting work, which he said he understood, having been an old planter at Maryland, and a buccaneer into the bargain.
Tampa Bay Buccaneers players and staff, and nearly 75 UnitedHealthcare employees are joining today to distribute Learning Gardens to seven Title 1 grade schools in Tampa.
As both teams rest their starters in preparation for the regular season, the Washington Redskins take on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Wednesday night at FedEx Field.