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a bubble formed by a thin soap film

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Each toy hamper contains the following; Power bat and ball, Rip Zip Zoomers, Outdoor Booma, Mega Bubble Wand, Hand Glider 2 pack, Diabolo, Wacky Splash rackets, Flash Spinner, All surface swingball, and Disc Catcha.
Each Optrix(TM) 3-D Bubble(TM) toy comes in a distinctive 3-D package, and includes a viewing glasses, bubble wand, bubble tray and 8 oz bottle of Imperial Toy's best selling Super Miracle Bubble solution.
Inside is a large bubble wand with dipping dish, 4 smaller wands of all different shapes with their own dipping cups, and a 16 oz bottle of Fan Yang Gazillion Bubble solution.
Then use a bubble wand or experiment with different items around the house.
Adorning the top of 1oz Gazillion Bottles are characters that celebrate the occasion and each bottle includes a 7-in-1 bubble wand.
Disney Small & Large Bubble Wand Set Assortments - Blow a Gazillion bubbles with your favorite Disney characters
Players will use tools like the Bubble Wand and the Coral Blower to advance through five nautical levels of gameplay.
The developers of beeboo(TM) purchased a big bubble wand that included directions on how to make your own "homemade" bubble solution.
The patented ergonomically shaped bottle, with easy grip top and '7-in-1' bubble wand makes it easy for little hands to blow big bubbles.
Coming back with two pink bubble wands, I asked her: "Why did you get two?
The Works have everything from bubble wands to space hoppers and from Game of Thrones boxsets to Jurassic World books - something for everyone.
Brunch and resort guests are invited to enjoy time together as a family with games, crafts, and kid-friendly activities such as face painting, lawn games, giant bubble wands, and a petting zoo, available throughout the resort from 10:00 a.