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a bubble formed by a thin soap film

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Each classic character sits atop the bottle of Gazillion Bubble Solution and is also pictured on the wand making this bubble blower the most magical of them all.
To make the first bubble blower, draw and cut out a flower from a plastic lid.
It's hard to make a bubble blower - you'd think it's trivial, but we tried it and it's quite difficult.
Above, Harry Thompson, five, building a sandcastle at Redcar seafront and, top right, |Niomi Ali, eight, with a giant bubble blower 090415WEATHER_05 KATIE LUNN
Aside from all the hubba ledges and gaps there were some supposed actual street props, like a fire hydrant, some bushes, a street sign and most bizarre of all, a bubble blower.
He taught himself patent law in the public library and found a Mexican factory to mass produce the Bubble Mill, a light-hearted motorized bubble blower.
Unfortunately, even with the white beard our Santa looked about 16 and the present (a bubble blower that fell apart within an hour) was pretty poor.
The microphone used to announce an act is built around a battery-operated bubble blower.
Each time they go fishing, the same whales play the same roles: bubble blower, first caller, and so on.
Joan meets Jon Hoffman, inventor of the five-chamber bubble blower who is so rich, his dog has a walk-in closet and a private chef
Tenders are invited for Supply of promotional items:Children jump rope, domino, UFO, balloon beach, bubble blower, Conundrum in a nutshell etc.
But among the bubble blowers, pearly kings and Knees Up Mother Brown tendency at Wembley, one banner said it all.
is a fun summer activity for kids and families, and we're looking forward to crowning the next generation of ultimate bubble blowers.
Fields Baking Factory and two new bubble blowers - Mini Tumblers and Glitter Bugs.
Wal-Mart stores around the country are hosting bubble blowers 12 years of age and younger this Saturday marking the Fifth Annual Dubble Bubble Bubble Blowing Contest.