Bubalus bubalis

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an Asian buffalo that is often domesticated for use as a draft animal

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Isolation of a growth hormone variant from water buffalo Bubalus bubalis pituitary, identical to GH from Sei Whale (Balaenoptera borealis).
En cuanto a la variedad de razas Bubalinas existentes en Colombia, de la especie Bubalus bubalis, se encuentran la Murrah, Mediterraneo y cruzas de los primeros animales que llegaron al pais y que se denominan bufalypso.
Keywords: Water buffalos, census, system characterization, Costa Rica Bubalus bubalis.
Description of Siamese twins of Bubalus bubalis bubalis (Buffalo), Sucre, Colombia
Keywords: Bubalus bubalis, domestication, genetic diversity, water buffalo, Pakistan
Bubalus bubalis, Capra hircus and deer fall in separate branches close to camel.
Estimation of genetic parameters for milk, fat, protein and mozzarella cheese production for the Italian river buffalo Bubalus bubalis population.
Palabras clave: Fasciola hepatica, Bubalus bubalis, prevalencia, Corrientes, Argentina.
Moreover, ZFX can be very helpful to explicit the relatedness between different buffalo breeds and other bovids as the Bubalus bubalis genome shares a common parentage with Ovis aries after the separation of subfamily Bovinae from the Bovidae family.
Ovis aries seems closer to camels as compared to other species in the tree, Bos taurus, Bos indicus, Bubalus bubalis (river and swamp type) maintained their own biological positions.
6 352 AAA/AGA AB056444 Bos taurus 100 NC AY634630 Bos taurus Chinese 100 NC Simmental DQ839567 Bos taurus Chinese 100 NC Simmental NM_174198 Bubalus bubalis 96 127 TAT/TGT EU386358 254 GGA/GGC 269 CTA/CTC 280 CAG/CGG 311 GTC/GTA 318 & 320 AAT/CAC 343 AAA/AGA 345 AAC/GCC TLR4 E3P1 Species/ Accession number AA ** % Altered identity position Bos indicus Sahiwal 100 NC EU816194 Bos taurus 98.
1992) and Bubalus bubalis buffaloes 95-98% (Vasishta 1983; Prabhakar et al.
Key words: BAC library Bubalus bubalis Murrah breed Pyrosequencing SOD1.
Para caracterizar hematologicamente la especie Bubalus bubalis, fueron analizadas cada 15 dias muestras de sangre obtenidas de bucerros clinicamente sanos, entre el nacimiento y los 3 meses de edad, y de bufalos adultos.
Present study was planned to identify Beta-Lactoglobulin (AY LG) protein isoforms in Bubalus bubalis (Riverine buffalo) Nili Ravi breed milk and to explore their assCiation with major milk constituents.