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Isolation of a growth hormone variant from water buffalo Bubalus bubalis pituitary, identical to GH from Sei Whale (Balaenoptera borealis).
El bufalo pertenece a la familia Bovidae, bovino, del que existe el genero Bubalus al que pertenecen las especies, bubalis y carabaensis (2,3).
Keywords: Water buffalos, census, system characterization, Costa Rica Bubalus bubalis.
Reino animal, phyllum chordata, Clase mammalia, Orden artiodactyla, Familia Bovidae, Subfamilia bovinae, Genero Bubalus, Especie bubalis.
During my course, I'd learned how to put a halter on a conventional cow, how to coax one into a cattle crush, and how to inject antibiotics and vitamins - but caring for Bubalus bubalis simply wasn't on the syllabus.
The yak chymosin was placed in the Group I, and Bos Taurus, Bison bison, Bos mutus, Bos grunniens, and Bubalus bubalis form a sub group, thus suggesting a closel evolutionary relationship among them.
Among hosts, major members are bovines (Bos, Bubalus, Syncerus), caprines (Capra), ovines (Ovis), and swine (Sus scrofa).
The genus and species is Bos javanicus and the water buffalo is Bos bubalus, so they're related but quite a lot different.
O objetivo do experimento foi avaliar a substituicao do hormonio liberador das gonadotrofinas do protocolo Ovsynch pelo hormonio luteinizante ou pela gonadotrofina corionica humana sobre a taxa de prenhez, mortalidade fetal e o escore corporal em Bubalus bubalis.
Helmintos parasitos de bufalos Bubalus bubalis de los centros de recria del estado Apure, Venezuela.
Numbers of the critically endangered Bubalus mindorensis , a small buffalo species found only on Mindoro island, have been rising little by little since 2000, according to Rodel Boyles, project manager of the Tamaraw Conservation Program (TCP), and the superintendent of the Mts.
The other nine species collected were Erimyzon oblongus, Ictiobus bubalus, I.
El bufalo domestico, una especie introducida desde continente asiatico, es tradicionalmente agrupado dentro de la sub-familia Bovidae, genero Bubalus, especie bubalis.