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statesman of ancient Rome who (with Cassius) led a conspiracy to assassinate Julius Caesar (85-42 BC)

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More than 100 people also signed an online petition with some saying they would boycott the supermarket until Brutus was allowed to return.
Draw for Wednesday's pounds 500 final: 1 Rising Cloda, 2 Rathglass Charm (m), 3 Reagrove Rachel (m), 4 Wineandsoda (m), 5 Ballytag Brutus (m), 6 Scented Candle (w).
48) to a Brutus portrayed by Stephen Paul Johnson in a dynamic performance that earns every bit of Marc Antony's praise at the close of the play (5.
You only had to meet Dennis Brutus and take in that sculptured head of his, his broad face and the well-shaped beard beneath it--to realise that he carried something like noble Roman blood in him.
Seemingly, Brutus had issued the coin after Caeser was murdered.
Back in South Africa Brutus, at the end of the millennium, applied his socialist ideals to 'postcolonial' issues of global capitalism, including the reparations case brought by the Kulumani Support Group against the role of multinational corporations in propping up the apartheid government and, more recently, the actions of the new social movements in tackling the issue of climate change.
T6) 'Brutus is ambitious or Caesar is ambitious' is true iff Brutus is ambitious or Caesar is ambitious.
Brutus is Caesar's friend, but plots his death because he is afraid that he will abolish the Senate and crown himself king.
And the usual sheen hangs over Julia Rodriguez-Elliott's production of Barrie's "Dear Brutus.
Brutus Ostling, an international award-winning photographer, is obsessed with capturing images revealing the secret life of birds.
After a 25-year reign of terror," Bonta writes, "Tarquin the Proud was expelled from Rome, and Brutus and Collatinus [the violated woman's husband] were elected Rome's first consuls.
4) Surprisingly, these works, almost without exception, fail to refer to the Antifederalist Letters of Brutus to which this number of the Federalist Papers constitutes a response.
lt;/p> <pre> Brutus Jones Kate Valk Smithers Scott Shepherd Stage Assistant Ari Fliakos </pre> <p>Compared with the Wooster Group, other avant-garde theater companies mostly seem like sloppy seconds.
Phillip Brutus, D-North Miami, who sponsored an amendment that would have removed the DNA testing deadline in [section] 925.