Brussels griffon

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breed of various very small compact wiry-coated dogs of Belgian origin having a short bearded muzzle

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The rescued dogs, which were transported to North Shore Animal League America in Port Washington, NY, include various breeds such as Chihuahuas, Brussels Griffon, Jack Russell Terriers, and a Papillion.
After gushing over Sprouts, the Brussels Griffon rescue dog his idol and former Betty costar Bernadette Peters gave him last year, he eagerly whipped out his iPhone and showed me a pic of the dog and his boyfriend, actor Ryan Spahn, with whom he's lived for several months.
Conejo has been staying with Saqui's mother, Suzie, until the rabbit and her 1-year-old Brussels griffon pup, Foggy, can be properly introduced.
Don't know your Peruvian Inca Orchid from your Portuguese Water Dog or your Brussels Griffon from your Bearded Collie?
Some of the least common breeds in the Motor City include the Welsh Terrier, Belgian Tervuren, and the Brussels Griffon.
Monica Bryant of Prineville was celebrating the victory of Kosmoe, an 11-pound Brussels griffon who had just nabbed his first Master Agility Champion (MACH) title, which involves accumulating points over time and completing both a standard and jumper course flawlessly.
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