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the capital and largest city of Belgium

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I merely ask you, did you not refuse to go to Brussels for the queen, whilst you had consented to go there to do some service for the late cardinal?
That is the very reason I refused to go back to Brussels.
I know Brussels almost as well as I know X , and I am sure it would suit such a one as you better than London.
Of the riders one was young, graceful, and fair, clad in plain doublet and hosen of blue Brussels cloth, which served to show his active and well-knit figure.
Their lives were pitifully bare, hard, and morbid, scarcely varied or enlivened except by a year which Charlotte and Emily spent when Charlotte was twenty-six in a private school in Brussels, followed on Charlotte's part by a return to the same school for a year as teacher.
For this was Valentin himself, the head of the Paris police and the most famous investigator of the world; and he was coming from Brussels to London to make the greatest arrest of the century.
The police of three countries had tracked the great criminal at last from Ghent to Brussels, from Brussels to the Hook of Holland; and it was conjectured that he would take some advantage of the unfamiliarity and confusion of the Eucharistic Congress, then taking place in London.
1904 he and I worked together--the Abercrombie forgery case--you remember, he was run down in Brussels.
Many persons think so; and Brussels is full of fine people and ladies of fashion.
Major O'Dowd packing her own and her Major's wardrobe, and how his best epaulets had been stowed into a tea canister, whilst her own famous yellow turban, with the bird of paradise wrapped in brown paper, was locked up in the Major's tin cocked-hat case, and wondered what effect it would have at the French king's court at Ghent, or the great military balls at Brussels.
He recently resigned from Paperloop to set up his own company, DSI, based in Brussels.
And after the European Union vetoed the proposed merger between GE and Honeywell, the Bush administration's antitrust officials worked with Brussels to bring Europe's competition laws more in line with those in the United States.
The carrier also signed a cooperation agreement with SN Brussels to give Latvian passengers access to the Belgian airline's 14-city African network via Brussels.
Brussels Becomes American's Fifth European Destination Served From JFK
SEC registration for ICOS' common shares will not affect the Company's listing on Euronext Brussels, where the Company's common shares are listed and where they will continue to trade after the Nasdaq delisting becomes effective.