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the capital and largest city of Belgium

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He moved to Brussells in 1936 and then to London in 1940, where he worked for i lie Belgian and Dutch sections of the BBC.
Anthology; Museum of Letters and Manuscripts of Brussells.
A young man turns to snatch a glance at a young woman's bottom in Buenos Aires; a boy has a water pistol pointing at a sibling in a pram in Brussells.
As part of the competition, Lauren and the other finalists have been working with packaging giants SCA in Brussells, Belgium, to develop their creations.
Poor Brussells Sprout arrived at Lane County Animal Services with half her tail missing and the other half completely skinned.
Brussells - PNN - The European Campaign to End the Siege on Gaza (ECESG) confirmed on Tuesday that the French ship Dignity, which is part of Freedom Flotilla II, has in fact set sail to the besieged Gaza Strip while the rest of the flotilla ships remain trapped in Athens, banned from sailing.
Simultaneous protests are also expected by Lebanese expatriates in London, Brussells, Copenhagen, Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Washington and Seoul.
Thousands of European farmers have brought Brussells to a standstill, spraying milk and manure onto the streets and pelting police with bottles and chickens in a protest against falling milk prices.
So if your Brussells were like bullets, your stuffing was slush and you forgot to put the turkey in the oven (or was that all just me?
He told me all about Madame Brussells and her luxurious brothel, how Alfred, the Duke of Edinburgh, caused a drunken riot in the Fitzroy Gardens.
The Greeks will qualify if they beat Anderlecht in Brussells next month.
In the Brussells airport a local gent once chided me about America's obsession for watered-down lagers.
Air Berlin, Cyprus Airways, Eastern, FlyBe, Luxair, Scot Airways, SN Brussells and VLM sales representatives were hosting on their stands.
People came from Australia, New York, Washington, Brussells, Switzerland, England.
BRUSSELLS -- Cardinal Philippe Barbarin of Lyon confirmed in a Feb.