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a city in northwestern Turkey


a small fluid-filled sac located between movable parts of the body especially at joints

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One cause of that waning, among others, was the contraction of Brussa (Bursa)'s raw silk imports, which had played an important role in the Florentine trade scheme.
15) Licia Brussa, "Survey on Prostitution, Migration and Traffic in Women: History and Current Situation", Eur.
Brussa, Cordova, Isnik), antiquated and idiosyncratic spelling of the names of well-known monuments (e.
Not only did action of the Holy Synod in January 1919 authorize an encyclical inviting "all churches" to discuss the creation of a league of churches, Metropolitan Dorotheos of Brussa, the locum tenens of the ecumenical see, called for serious consideration of "the matter of union of the various Christian churches, especially that with the Anglican, the Old Catholic and the Armenian churches".
Impact was seeking a top-notch vendor in our storage segment, and we will market CaminoSoft's solutions vigorously among our client base, highlighting their technology and competitive advantages," said John Brussa, President of Impact.
Con un numero aproximado entre 2500 y 2750 especies de plantas vasculares (Alonso & Bassa goda, 2002; Brussa & Grela, 2007), este pais carece de un tratamiento sistematico de su flora y con la excepcion de algunos trabajos publicados a finales del siglo XIX y la primera mitad del siglo XX (ejemplo: Arechavaleta, 1894, 1907, 1908; Herter, 1930), solo estan disponibles tratamientos para algunas familias especificas (Izaguirre & Beyhaut, 1998, 2003; Legrand, 1943, 1968; Rosengurtt et al.