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a raging and rapidly spreading conflagration

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The post California brush fire forces evacuation of more than 300 campers -- fire officials appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
PRINCETON - A raging brush fire tore through nearly three miles of woods near Ball Hill Road Tuesday afternoon.
Insured losses from fires which have been ravaging New South Wales since before Christmas have now surpassed the A$56 million losses incurred in the 1994 brush fires," said Henri in a statement.
The aftermath of the recent devastating New Mexico wildfires underscores the urgent need for businesses and property owners to seek ways to best protect their property and business operations from brush fire threats, says David Thoman, FM Global vice president and field engineering manager.
The dry woods and occasional winds add to the possibility of brush fires.
WIIS and the California Fire Safe Council have a free brochure about brush fire safety available by sending a self-addressed stamped envelope to "Fire Safe" c/o WIIS, 3530 Wilshire Blvd.
Then there was the damage from what we all know was brutal winter, and there is still fuel for brush fires that is on the ground from the ice storm two-and-a-half years ago.
But times have changed from the days when hundreds of tumbleweeds would roll through the valley, creating traffic hazards, blocking doors and driveways and raising the brush fire danger.
MILFORD - Yesterday's beach-appropriate weather contributed to more brush fires across the state, including one that burned through 20 wooded acres near Exit 20 on Interstate 495 southbound.
Illegal fireworks and hot, dry weather triggered a spate of recent home and brush fires that have destroyed or damaged several houses, caused some evacuations and scorched about 200 acres.
Upton firefighters have had their hands full lately with brush fires.
We also had numerous medical calls while the brush fires were going on," Deputy Chief LeBlanc said.
So far, this season, the Santa Clarita Valley has been spared the brush fires that come each year, wiping out wide swaths of acreage and threatening hillside communities.
However, Blackstone firefighters, along with firefighters from Millville, Mendon and several Rhode Island departments, had to decline in order to battle their own brush fires.