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Students from the Dominican Republic, Libya, Congo Republic, Rwanda and Brunei Sultanate are also attending the event for the first time this year.
This was not only a milestone in Brunei's Islamic revival, but in the long-term reconciliation between Brunei Sultanate and the old Brunei nationalism, which also saw the return of RR.
One might normally have been reassured by the fact that within his study Fanselow (2014:105-) has expressed regard for King's discussion of a "Brunei identity" permeating the territories formerly under Brunei Sultanate rule, and clearly does not see this as the same as the hegemonistic identity propagated by the Brunei-Malay elite with self-serving invocation of the work of Brown.
Is it to be inferred that the Brunei sultanate started in what is now the Kuching area and only moved to its present headquarters (Brunei Bay) later on?
Andaya and Andaya (9) believe that the Brunei sultanate was established sometime between 1514 and 1521; but, as mentioned, they also maintain that the sultanate of Johor was not established until 1530-6; in that case "Johor" would have invested the first Islamic head of state of Brunei before there was any sultan of Johor to do so.
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