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a port city in southeastern Apulia in Italy

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Williams attributes Vergil's divergence from tradition to the poem's historical background--the Pact of Brundisium brokered by Pollio between Antony and Octavian.
He himself, however, set out from Brundisium and in 49 days he had brought Cilicia into the Roman Empire.
4) This poem takes the form of an epithalamium ("marriage hymn") composed in the wake of the political settlement between Antony and Octavian, the so-called Pact of Brundisium concluded in 40 BC, and it evinces Virgil's hope for an end to the seemingly endless cycle of violence, an end to limitless ambition and greed.
She influenced the decision to confirm Deiotarus in his kingdom and was with Antony in Brundisium when he faced the mutinous soldiers from Macedonia.
Best known of the author's works, the novel imaginatively recreates the last 18 hours of the poet Virgil's life as he is brought to Brundisium.
Castor sciat an Dolichos plus; Brundisium Minuci melius via ducat an Appi (19-20).
Cassius (September 42), and defeated them at the First and Second Battles of Philippi (October 26 and November 16, 42); returned to Italy and suppressed the revolt of Antony's brother Lucius Antonius at Perusia (41); avoided an open break with Antony, and the two settled their disputes at the treaty of Brundisium (Brindisi) (40); campaigned against Sextus Pompeius, assisted by the able Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa (40-36); led an expedition to pacify Dalmatia, Illyria (Yugoslavia), and Pannonia (western Hungary) (34); quarreled with Antony over Antony's treatment of Octavius' sister and his marriage to Cleopatra; roused the people of Rome against Antony (33); assembled a large army and fleet in southeastern Italy (winter 32-31), and crossed to Greece (April?
As a friend and adviser of the young Octavius Caesar (later Augustus ), Maecenas was instrumental in arranging the Peace of Brundisium (41 bc ), which temporarily reconciled Octavius with Mark Antony.
In addition to foisting the pubescent Clodia off as a bride on the hostile Octavian, she is said to have paraded her children before her husband's soldiers in the conflict leading up to Perusia, and to have fled with them after Perusia to Brundisium before meeting up with Antony and his mother Julia in Athens.
The journal of the journey of Maecenas, who was sent by Octavian from Rome to Brundisium in 38 BC in order to settle a political issue with Mark Antony, the "Iter Brundisium" has all the qualities of a modern travel narrative.