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a battle in 937 when Athelstan defeated the Scots

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The Battle of Brunanburh actually took place at Bromborough in Wirral in 937AD, lasted from dawn to dusk, cost the lives of thousands of warriors and changed the structure of the British Isles forever.
As well as the famous battles of Bannockburn, Flodden and Culloden, Rupert Chronicles the lesser-known encounters such as Nechtansmere, Brunanburh, Neville's Cross and Newburn.
The 'only exceptions' here are said to be the single non-parasited instances in Brunanburh and Maldon, in neither of which are there unambiguous verses with parasiting, but they are the most important ones in the table, being the only non-parasited forms in historically datable poems.
There are also plans to put on an annual Viking festival at the site, culminating in part of the village being burned to the ground in a reenactment of the Battle of Brunanburh.
The Battle of Brunanburh is said to have taken place on what is now a golf course on Brackenwood Road, Bebington.
I had a man ring me and say the fact I'd used about Bebington - that it was the site of The Battle of Brunanburh in 937 AD - really belonged to Bromborough.
An area steeped in history, Bromborough is a contender for the site of an epic battle in the year 937, the Battle of Brunanburh, which confirmed England as an Anglo-Saxon kingdom.
Vikings Experts believe the famous 937 AD conflict the Battle of Brunanburh - described as the greatest single battle in Anglo-Saxon history - may have taken place on what is now Brackenwood Golf Club in Bebington.