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German pope from 1049 to 1054 whose papacy was the beginning of papal reforms in the 11th century (1002-1054)

(Roman Catholic Church) a French cleric (born in Germany) who founded the Carthusian order in 1084 (1032-1101)

Italian philosopher who used Copernican principles to develop a pantheistic monistic philosophy

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He says he is a victim too - a schizophrenic, controlled by his young lover Bruna, a witch inspired to cook and kill women by a book of satanic rituals.
Friday 29th May - Red Bull Music Academy presents: Raime DJ set Objekt Veronica Vasicka Exoteric Continent -live- Sunny Graves -live- bRUNA Special guest: Dixon
We do not have a women's class 10 player and Bruna is a great sparring partner for our standing athletes.
Bruna being an excellent swimmer was excited to perform inside water, but, her partner Omar was jittery in the beginning as he is hydrophobic.
The book is a Pakistan version of 'Play and learn with Miffy', an initiative started in collaboration with Mercis BV, the publishing company of Dick Bruna, and the Dutch co-design studio Butterfly Works.
Gerardo Bruna pulled a goal back in the second half.
Bruna Neves, of Francis Road, Edgbaston, told Birmingham Employment Tribunal she lost her job at Del Villaggio in the Bullring six weeks after announcing she was expecting a baby.
Gerardo Bruna gave the Reds an early lead, smartly converting a cross from Suso, but George Thorne snatched a deserved point for the visitors eight minutes from time.
In the women's freestyle division, Bruna Kajiya of Brazil was the winner, beating Polish rider Karolina Winkowska who had defeated Angela Peral and Gisela Pulido, both of Spain to reach the final.
The Company is pleased to announce results from Fiume Bruna 2 well
Leicester City (probable, 4-4-2): Chris Weale, Michael Morrison, Jack Hobbs, Wayne Brown, Bruna Berner, Paul Gallagher, Andy King, Richie Wellens, Lloyd Dyer, Matty Fryatt, Steve Howard.
It wasn't my first visit there; I had enthusiastically sought out the newly opened Dick Bruna Huis in 2006 and enjoyed being immersed then in the work of this much-loved Dutch children's illustrator and author.
Present: Anthony Tamburri, Antonio Vitti, Maria Rosaria Vitti-Alexander, Paolo Giordano, Andrea Ciccarelli, Salvatore Bancheri, Elissa Tognozzi, Lucrezia Lindia, Laura Salsini, Giuseppe Faustini, Mark Pietralunga, Giuseppe Faustini, Bruna Boyle, Madison Sowell, Roberto Dolci, Gabriella Colussi Arthur.
Then came Bruna, fingering the gold coins always hidden in her skirts.