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a native or resident of Birmingham, England


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It is, perhaps, easy to understand why people are impressed by the Queen's English but quite why the Yorkshire accent is considered to show more intelligence than the Brummie accent is beyond me.
I used to take the mick-mick ey out of the Brummie accent when I was younger so I knew I could do it.
The Brummie accent is Britain's most comical, research has found.
The first was to play a real character from history and capture a Brummie accent - and then worry about falling in love with Cillian Murphy's Tommy Shelby later.
BOB the Builder has lost his Brummie accent for a Lancastrian lilt in a revamp of the hit children's show.
The Brummie accent is considered the least attractive in the British Isles - and Southern Irish the most appealing.
Prof Workman said the actual tone of the Brummie accent might be behind the stereotypes - and potentially harm candidates going fro top jobs from the city.
But war has broken out over where the king's final resting place should be - along with claims he had a Brummie accent.
Is Dr Lewis suggesting that the Queen on her next visit to Birmingham address her speech in a Brummie accent or stand on the balcony at Buckingham Palace and deliver a speech in rhyming cockney slang?
She put the Brummie accent on the map and in our innocence we all thought that we were going to be trendy.
2, The Brummie accent, according to researchers from the University of Aberdeen.
But the Brummie accent it was delivered in makes the team think it could be a rival team in the Midlands, known to have lost their dragon recently.
A FURIOUS woman bashed a man on the head with her high-heeled shoe after he took the mickey out of her BRUMMIE ACCENT.
ESME'S dire Brummie accent on Peaky Blinders: "Oim nut a blud mimba of dis familoy but p'rrrraps Oy can see things in a defferent loyt.
It's an apt response to national opinion polls that do down the Brummie accent.