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a native or resident of Birmingham, England


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BERWICK Bandits' 2008 squad begin their final quest for a trophy tonight when they travel to the Birmingham Brummies (7.
They will competing to create the best Bloody Mary with an "inspiring Brummie twist".
There's nothing like a good old Brummie balti," says the regular Sunday Mercury reader.
And white Brummies are almost as likely to be descended from immigrants, probably Celts of one kind or another, as their Kashmiri or Congolese neighbours.
44 NEWCASTLE Diamonds and the Birmingham Brummies finally got going at Perry Barr Stadium last night, and as expected the Premier play-off proved to be a tough affair.
Just how I was supposed to spot a Brummie perplexed me.
But Dr Lance Workman, who led the research at Bath Spa University, said Brummie had become a stereotype for low IQ.
And entries have flooded in from readers, each happy to declare their love for all things Brummie.
Brummie Bonds would make low-cost capital available for a massive programme to cut energy use, helping the city council to meet its emissions reduction target.
Because although they're famed for their generosity, Brummies place overseas aid firmly bottom of their priorities when it comes to Government spending.
In my broadest Brummie brogue it would have just slipped out: "Why Sir, the same people you do - the British taxpayer.
It's an apt response to national opinion polls that do down the Brummie accent.
And the reason for his outlook - the famous Brummie sense of humour will see us all through.
There are great Brummie comedians but there are not necessarily great Brummie jokes, at least as far as the rest of the country is concerned.
WHAT a lovely letter from 'True Brummie Boy' on ursday.