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a native or resident of Birmingham, England


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But that's still not enough and using Brummie Bonds to raise PS45 million to help finance more house building is welcome news.
THE Brummies 2016 is shaping up to be bigger and better than ever - so make a date in your diary to join us.
44 NEWCASTLE Diamonds and the Birmingham Brummies finally got going at Perry Barr Stadium last night, and as expected the Premier play-off proved to be a tough affair.
Just how I was supposed to spot a Brummie perplexed me.
But Dr Lance Workman, who led the research at Bath Spa University, said Brummie had become a stereotype for low IQ.
A new survey says that the Brummie brogue pours cold water on passion.
The founder member of Brummie supergroups The Move and ELO will play a special tribute to the city's musical heritage at the prestigious event that has become one of the biggest dates on the Birmingham calendar.
Asked by presenter John Snow if she was a Brummie, Miss Yousafzai said: "I think I am a Brummie.
There's nothing like a good old Brummie balti," says the regular Sunday Mercury reader.
Brummie Bonds would make low-cost capital available for a massive programme to cut energy use, helping the city council to meet its emissions reduction target.
BERWICK Bandits' 2008 squad begin their final quest for a trophy tonight when they travel to the Birmingham Brummies (7.
As a proud Brummie myself, I'm delighted that the club is taking part," said Blues media boss Andy Walker.
WE HAD our first Brummie Mummies Social at a trampoline park - and what a great time everyone had
The average Brummie, we're told - although we don't believe any Brummie can be called average - likes the Royal Family, wants to quit the European Union, and remains suspicious of the MPs they elect.
LOTS of Birmingham mums and dads asked if we could keep them posted on our Brummie Mummies Socials and our events guides via email.