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a member of a group of Siouan people who constituted a division of the Teton Sioux

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Brule is very impressive for a number of reasons, and he certainly reminds old-timers of a young Randy Morones or Vince Munoz for three reasons: his size, his fast pace and his skills.
Mark Bartkoski, Conuma's president, said in February that the company is pleased with results so far from Brule and Wolverine, which also resumed producing coal late last year.
Brule, a fast skating, physical centreman, was the sixth overall NHL draft pick in 2005 and played 300 games in the NHL, most recently for Phoenix Coyotes.
Brule Mine is an open pit metallurgical coal mine and produces a premium low volatile pulverised coal injection product.
It stretched from strategy, to naming, to livery design, to uniforms and pretty much everything in between," Brule says of the commission.
L'armee soudanaise a brule et tue des civils, adoptant une strategie de la terre brulee pour lutter contre la rebellion au Nil bleu, dans le district natal d'un chef rebelle, a deplore hier mardi Amnesty international.
We know that if we just preached directly about animal rights, listeners would flee," says Aurelien Brule, a French national who founded Radio Kalaweit in 2003.
The contractor will replace the existing concrete and timber Brule Creek Bridge with a new single span bridge with a concrete deck on steel girders.
The singer flagged down a car belonging to NHL ice hockey star Gilbert Brule and his girlfriend when he and his assistant got stranded in the storm while out walking in Vancouver, Canada.
Introduction--In 1994, remains of a fossil insectivore were collected by the Pioneer Trails Regional Museum (PTRM) from the Brule Formation present on Rattlesnake Butte, southwestern North Dakota.
The winning menu was cod and parsley terrine wrapped in leeks; Welsh pork tenderloin with sage and onion potato, glac carrots and spinach; pain au chocolat with coffee crme brule and milk sorbet, and champagne marshmallows.
One of the desserts on the impressive menu that I simply had to try was a more modern dish, gingerbread brioche brule.
The fruit has flown off supermarket shelves after the cook promoted her recipe for rhubarb and ginger brule.
a New York-based financial services holding company with independent broker/dealer, asset management, and wealth management subsidiaries, recently announced that the firm has been acquired by LBC Western Holdings, a company 100%-owned by the Lower Brule Sioux Tribe in South Dakota.
Brule is an individual therapist working with adolescents and adults in the areas of relationship issues, depression, anxiety and stress, assertiveness, life transitions, PTSD and cultural adjustment.