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Brugmansia Mother Nature is a powerful force - but must be handled with respect and common sense.
Keywords Adsorption isotherm, Corrosion inhibition, Electrochemical studies, Brugmansia suaveolens and Cassia roxburghii, SEM-EDS
108] SAXIFRAGALES Grossulariaceae Ribes nigrum [89] SOLANALES Solanaceae Acnistus arborescens [121] Brugmansia suaveolens (Willd.
There are the clamshellshaped, multi-coloured 'macchia' (the name comes from the Italian for 'spotted'), formally arranged in tiers among pots of brugmansia, rather like the eighteenth-century display of auriculas in miniature theatres.
I'm still kicking myself over loosing an especially beautiful variegated Brugmansia (angel's trumpet) last winter.
The most common is the lovely white Brugmansia x candida, and it's an easy one to start with.
Large fragrant white brugmansia trumpets, ghostly spires of the foxglove Digitalis alba, white roses and Zantedeschia take on a luminescent appearance, especially on a moonlit evening.
The influence of different biotic and abiotic elicitors on the production and profile of tropane alkaloids in hairy root cultures of Brugmansia candida.
Other commonly used plants come from the Solanaecous genera, which includes tobacco and the Brugmansia species (Metzner 2006: 41).
Ground-cherry 2 140 0 0 Tribe Daturae Genus Brugmansia Brugmansia sanguinea Red 2 140 0 0 floripontio (Ruiz & Pav.
It is often called Datura, although the taxonomists would now prefer that we called it Brugmansia and it has one overriding problem that we should all be aware of; all parts of the plant are highly toxic if ingested and so it should be kept out of the way of vulnerable adults and young children
This branching shrub - also known as brugmansia - reaches 3ft tall and as much across, with trumpet-shaped blooms 1ft long and 6in wide at the mouth.
Brunfelsia and Brugmansia may sound like the names of fairytale twins -- or siblings to the cruel Queen Brunhilda.
With its lush leaves and giant, richly fragrant trumpet-like flowers that grow up to 20 inches long, Brugmansia exudes the very essence of heady tropical nights.
IN the greenhouse or conservatory, water sparingly such plants as fuchsias, geraniums, brugmansia (angel's trumpets) and other exotics being overwintered under glass, keeping the compost just moist.