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Austrian organist and composer of romantic music (1824-1896)

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Instead, it's an opportunity for about 20 tech entrepreneurs - from about six start-ups - to lease space, share a conference room and private meeting areas, use Wi-Fi, videoconferencing and other equipment, and, for a fee, access Concentric Sky's expertise in software development, Bruckner said.
It attracted high praise and fierce criticism in equal measure, reminding some of Brahms' remark that Bruckner didn't so much compose symphonies as "symphonic boa constrictors".
With more than 20 years of investment banking, Bruckner joins Macquarie from Perella Weinberg Partners, where he led the Global Technology Banking Group and built a global team across North America and Europe.
Fi-Tech has represented Bruckner since 2011 in the field of nonwovens machinery and products.
Effective immediately, Markus Bruckner becomes a Principal of Avison Young.
Horticulture work on Bruckner - SamhaberstraE-e for the period of 2014-2016 (optional extension to 2017).
In the Lifetime biopic 'Anna Nicole,' Bruckner will be donning false boobs, designed by three-time Academy Award winner Greg Cannom and painstakingly applied by experienced makeup artists Todd McIntosh and David De Leon, the New York Post reported.
I don't know too much about Bruckner but the music was magical.
I'm on a classical music journey of discovery and it was useful to hear the pre-concert lecture by Bruckner expert Stephen Johnson.
The first section, on "the composer and his works," comprises six thematic articles addressing Bruckner and his students, his musical style, musical background, social context, compositional methods, and life-long relationship to the organ.
Equally, to suggest that Bruckner, in declining health, had lost a Faustian pact with the Almighty, and become a victim of the fabled post-Beethoven Ninth Symphony curse, is also nonsense.
com)-- Founded in 1960, Bruckner Maschinenbau GmbH & Co.
Dubai-based film-manufacturer Taghleef Industries (Ti) and Bruckner Maschinenbau, Siegsdorf, Germany, report that they have reached "another remarkable milestone within the BOPP film industry": In Sohar, Oman, Ti's 8.
Czech Republic's Karel Bruckner, 68, meanwhile, is relishing the prospect of a break, after his side's exit from Euro 2008.
Czech coach Bruckner is also adamant his side will do their utmost to avoid the nightmare penalty scenario.