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Synonyms for brucellosis

infectious bacterial disease of human beings transmitted by contact with infected animals or infected meat or milk products

an infectious disease of domestic animals often resulting in spontaneous abortion

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The Department of Agricultural Resources, Division of Animal Health (the Department) requests responses from vendors to provide 5 dose vials (box) of RB-51 Brucella Abortus.
Nevertheless, these findings can not exclude the possible role of bovine SLC11A1 gene restricting intracellular replication of Brucella abortus.
The second bioterrorism agent of interest in LPS-B 2007 was Brucella abortus (RB-51, vaccine strain).
Periplasmic location of Brucella abortus Cu-Zn superoxide dismutase.
Research on immunizing bison, elk, and other animals in the wild against Brucella abortus, the microbe that causes brucellosis, is essential to agriculture because cattle can get the disease through close contact with infected wildlife.
Accurate typing procedures are critical for eradication and control of disease-causing organisms, but DNA-based techniques are challenging because the various Brucella species and strains have a high degree of genetic homology, as demonstrated by whole-genome comparative analyses of the 3 Brucella genomes sequenced, Brucella melitensis (4), Brucella suis (5), and Brucella abortus (6).
Brucella abortus, 7-21 days Fever, chills, sweating, B.
Presently, four species have human pathogenicity, namely Brucella suis (pigs), Brucella melitensis (sheep), Brucella abortus (cattle), and Brucella canis (dogs).
Brucellosis, which is caused by infection with the bacterium brucella abortus, causes cattle to abort and can cause a disease in humans known as undulant fever.
Brucella abortus was the only observed sensitive gram-negative bacterium in these initial studies.
LeVier and her colleagues found that Brucella abortus with defective bacA enters mouse cells but can't create a chronic infection.
Although Brucella abortus can sUrvive in snow and ice, it quickly perishes in sunlight and dry, warm weather--the conditions that greet cattle on the open range in summer.
Coli -- Aspergillosis -- Brucella Abortus -- Pasterella Pseudo Tuberculosis -- Epidermophytom Floccosum -- Strep -- Tubercle Bacilli -- Candida -- Coryne Bacterium -- Microsporum Gypsum -- Trichorphyton Rubrum
Brucella abortus infection acquired in microbiology laboratories.
Bengal antigen concentrate containing brucella abortus suspended in a diluent buffer stained with rose ben,kit of 96 tests to detect igm antibodies against wnv (west nile virus) capture enzyme immunoassay method, with plates sensitized with specific antibodies against human igm, containing 2 vials liofiliz,kit for the detection of anemia against equine infectious anemia virus for in vitro detection of antibodies to equine infectious anemia by immunodiffusion technique -.