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United States actor who was an expert in kung fu and starred in martial arts films (1941-1973)

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She runs Bruce Lee Enterprises (a global licensing company), and is the CEO of Leeway Media, a production company.
Bruce Lee Entertainment will produce the project in collaboration with Lawrence Grey ("Hope Springs'') and Janet Yang ("The Joy Luck Club'').
Hussain Sadiqi, another Hazara tribe member, began martial arts as a child after seeing a photo of Bruce Lee.
This can be frustrating but stick with it and you'll eventually unlock the Bruce Lee character.
The martial art was developed from the Jeet Kune Do style Bruce Lee used and the club, which is the longest-running martial arts club in the university, embodies a similar philosophy to Lee's.
Actor Jim Kelly, who played a glib American martial artist in "Enter the Dragon" with Bruce Lee, died of complications from cancer June 29 in San Diego.
Financial Secretary John Tsang opened an exhibition commemorating the life of Bruce Lee at the Heritage Museum today.
The Treasures of Bruce Lee follows the career and contributions of an actor, writer, teacher and director who was singularly responsible for much of the popularity revolving around Asian martial arts in the West.
Shannon Lee, daughter of legend Bruce Lee along with French company, Chkoudra Paris and the local partner Shaikh Mohd.
Similarly, Bruce Lee, executive vice president, will take up the role of chief credit officer and will be responsible for Commercial and Consumer Credit.
A batch of items that belonged to kung fu legend Bruce Lee went under the hammer for HK$1.
It is a remake of a Sixties TV series starring Bruce Lee as sidekick Kato.
Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story Sky Movies Action & Adventure, 5.