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a member of the Nazi SA which wore brown uniforms

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Get it while you can, before Gordon Brownshirt or David Camewrong outlaw rebel rock forever.
A series of uniforms will also be available - ranging from "Early Adolf" in stormtrooper's brownshirt to "Wartime Adolf" in double-breasted tunic with Iron Cross medal.
But then, back in 1991, it wasn't necessary to raise fears about a supposed Brownshirt movement in the boonies.
Murray has always been the same intellectual brownshirt.
According to Koestler, the Jabotinsky brownshirt who devised the first Hebrew crossword puzzle, "the real fun" only starts when the prophetic streak "crossbreeds with socialist sectarianism.
That-underscored by the brownshirt character of the Fruit of Islam and the history of the old Nation during Farrakhan's ascent-is what makes him uniquely troubling.
He points out that the Stormtrooper (Strum Abteilung) popularly called Brownshirts of Hitler and the Militia Volontaria per la Sicurezza Nazionale (MVSN) or Voluntary Militia for national security popularly called Blackshirts in Mussolini's Italy were socio-political outfits with similar ambitions that were turned into ruthless armies by their mentors to enforce ideology and to unleash hate against particular communities.
If in GerAmany Ernst Rohm's one million Brownshirts frightened even Hitler, in Pakistan terrorist groups have graduated into full-fledged 'armies' capable of challenging the military.
Hitler's Stormtroopers: The SA, The Nazis' Brownshirts, 1922-1945
all reminiscent of the Brownshirts in Nazi Germany and the Ku Klux Klan in America's once-segregated South.
Hitler's Nazi "stormtroopers," the street-fighting SA Brownshirts, were composed largely of "Beefsteak Nazis": "Red (communist) on the inside, brown (Nazi) on the outside.
These gun-toting extremists, whose idea of patriotism is to regard the federal government as the enemy, are different from 1930s Brownshirts only in name.
Elser sees an acquaintance who is forced to sit on the street -- surrounded by Brownshirts and townspeople -- with a sign around her neck reading, "In the village I am the greatest swine and consort only with Jews" (it rhymes in German).
6"Antifa combines radical left-wing and anarchist politics, revulsion at racists, sexists, homophobes, anti-Semites, and Islamophobes, with the international anti-fascist culture of taking the streets and physically confronting the brownshirts of white supremacy, whoever they may be," (https://www.
Hitler had his Brownshirts private militia of stormtroopers before he became chancellor.