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a member of the Nazi SA which wore brown uniforms

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When the National Socialists came to power in 1933, they changed the plaza's name to Horst-Wessel-Platz to honor a local brownshirt, murdered three years earlier, who had penned the Nazi anthem "Die Fahne hoch" (The Flag on High).
Community Beat with Community Constable Barbara Brownshirt
And now, at last, ickle Bernie Ecclestone and his sidekick, son of Brownshirt Sir Oswald, Max Mosely, seem to have cottoned on.
It's another orgy night at Greta's - a massive, ruined power station turned into a omnisexual drag-rave venue presided over by Mick Jagger, swinging on a trapeze and singing in hose and crimson evening gown - where Max catches the eye of a cute Brownshirt.
PEACE IN HIS TIME Hitler painted family sitting in river scene; HITLER THE BROWNSHIRT Self-portrait of Adolf sitting on a bridge.
Get it while you can, before Gordon Brownshirt or David Camewrong outlaw rebel rock forever.
A series of uniforms will also be available - ranging from "Early Adolf" in stormtrooper's brownshirt to "Wartime Adolf" in double-breasted tunic with Iron Cross medal.
its type of a newly emerging Blackshirts (the paramilitary group of Mussolini) and Brownshirts (Hitler's paramilitary mobs).
Likewise, Benedict was influenced first by the Second Vatican Council and then by the upheaval that followed it and the 1968 student riots, which reminded him of the Nazi Brownshirts of his youth.
The current Tory Government, responding to the demands of its billionaire paymasters, is not yet minded to use gangs of thugs, but is substituting the brownshirts with legal methods which make it almost impossible to withdraw labour and remain within the law.
It was Kristallnacht - November 9 and 10, 1938 - when the rising clamour of anti-Semitic sentiment across Germany turned into an orgy of violence, orchestrated by Hitler's feared Nazi stormtroopers, the Brownshirts.
Doherty begins his exposition with Hollywood's first confrontation with Nazism on December 4, 1930, when a mob of brownshirts invaded a motion picture theater and trashed the screening of Lewis Milestone's All Quiet on the Western Front, an award-winning lament of the slaughter of the young in World War I to nurture old men's dreams of glory, and ends when after the death of its courageously anti-Nazi producer, Carl Laemmle, Universal Studios rereleased the film accompanied by a prologue reviewing the Great War and its aftermath, including the now iconic newsreel footage of the 1933 book burning.
In June 1934, they acted like Hitler's brutal Brownshirts during a massive, Nurembergstyle rally at London's Olympia.
Doherty frames the book beautifully with the figure of Carl Laemmle, founder of Universal Pictures, whose film All Quiet on the Western Front (1930) sparked violent protests from Nazi brownshirts in Berlin and Vienna upon its release.
A Redshirts B Greyshirts C Brownshirts D Blackshirts QUESTION 14 - for 14 points: Albert Einstein was born a German and died a US citizen.