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English illustrator of several of Dickens' novels (1815-1882)

United States writer of humorous tales of an itinerant showman (1834-1867)

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A jury at Birmingham Coroner's Court heard that the officer, known as Officer A, first spotted Mr Browne as he was driving "a bit quick" just after 11pm on April 1 this year.
The left-handed reel keeps Browne in contact with his fast-sinking jig during its entire strike-provoking descent.
Educated at St Francis Xavier College, and afterwards at Stonyhurst, Joseph Browne joined the Society of Jesus in 1874 and was ordained in 1889.
In more recent years, Browne tended to sit out most, if not all, of the league as he gradually eased himself back but with no sign of the Mount Sion legend well into the month of April this year, his decision to retire comes as no great surprise.
Browne looked to OHL because of their reputation as a strong 3PL partner with a proven track record in cost savings and technological innovation - a company who would be there for long haul.
You can also play The Shape Game, a drawing game invented by Browne that gets the whole family involved.
Browne played 23 songs in two-and-half hours, which included a brief intermission and a rousing, two-song encore.
At Coventry Crown Court on Friday, Browne appeared on three charges - a breach of a suspended sentence, criminal damage and assault by beating.
Browne chose a '60s uptown church lady silhouette as a starting point for his far-out tricks, bold in an industry that treats sex appeal as the ultimate ideal.
Interestingly, Browne chose to open this three-hour show with a welcomed acoustic set featuring some wonderful slide guitar from David Lindley.
Air Marshal Browne is on a two day visit to Air Force Station Chandigarh.
With the financial markets facing their biggest challenge in living memory the West Midlands business community turned out in force at a seminar organised by law firm Browne Jacobson to discuss the state of the corporate finance market.
Michael Browne was stopped by police close to his Gateshead home on August 22 because he was driving too slowly.
LORD Browne of Madingley, former boss of BP, has not resigned because of his sexuality.
The teachers later told me, 'The training you gave us gave us confidence to deal with this,'" recalls Robin Browne, an instructor for Response Options and former member of the British Army.