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Synonyms for snake

Synonyms for snake

to move sinuously

to move or proceed on a repeatedly curving course

to move along in a crouching or prone position

Synonyms for snake

a deceitful or treacherous person

Related Words

a tributary of the Columbia River that rises in Wyoming and flows westward

a long faint constellation in the southern hemisphere near the equator stretching between Virgo and Cancer


something long, thin, and flexible that resembles a snake

move smoothly and sinuously, like a snake

Related Words

form a snake-like pattern

Related Words

move along a winding path

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They could have been pythons, they could have been dragons, they could have been brown snakes.
But internet reptile enthusiasts who've looked at the eggs and evidence have cast doubt on the brown snake theory.
The venom of the Eastern Brown snake contains group C prothrombin activator toxin, which converts prothrombin to thrombin, activating the coagulation cascade, leading to the complete consumption of clotting factors (Chaisakul et al.
A novel serine protease inhibitor from the Australian brown snake, Pseudonaja textilis textilis: Inhibition kinetics.
SCARED mum Zoe Rangeley could not believe it when it turned out she was sharing her home with an unwanted guest - a slithery brown snake.
In summer, the long brown snake slips along the contours of its semi-wild habitat, which is enhanced and intensified by timber paths and a deck by Tadashi Kawamata.
Just then, Buster saw a brown snake slithering through the grass.
Here the cinematographer wants the perfect shot, but you can't wait until the light's good when you're trying to catch a king brown snake.
He looked down and found a 2ft brown snake with red patches.
As my mari, grandmother, Murukun was in the kinship position of key ritual authority to hold and pass on knowledge to a granddaughter and she sought to establish a sense of order and authority, teaching respect for her ancestral King Brown snake identity.
The striped and brown snake replicas were intended as controls.
Because it's where my sister nearly stepped on a deadly poisonous eastern brown snake.
The study concentrated on the common or eastern brown snake which inhabits the eastern third of Australia (the most populated part).
Determinants of offspring number and size in the brown snake, Storeria dekayi.
It is, for instance, home to the eastern brown snake which, to make it sound even more frightening, is also referred to as the common brown snake .